Larkin Sentral (previously Larkin Bus & Taxi Terminal)

The Larkin Bus & Taxi Terminal Complex is located in a town of Larkin and It is about 4 kilometres away from the Johor City Center. Larkin Bus Terminal is the main and largest bus terminal in Johor Bahru which serves the arrival and departure for long distance express bus, city bus and taxi. Besides that, Larkin Bus Terminal also serves the arrival and departure for SBS Transit (Singapore Bus Service Transit) bus number 170 and Causeway Link CW1/CW2. They provide the shuttle service between Larkin (Johor Bahru), Kranji MRT (Singapore) and Queen Street (Singapore).

The shuttle services by SBS 170 and Causeway Link CW/1CW2 allows most people to board express buses in Larkin Bus Terminal instead of from Singapore for cost-saving purpose. Travelers usually come from Singapore Kranji MRT to Larkin Bus Terminal by SBS 170 or Causeway Link CW2, then board the express at Larkin Bus Terminal to Kuala Lumpur.

Larkin Taxi rates

Larkin Sentral City Taxi (Red) Executive Taxi (Blue)
Day Night Day Night
Plaza Sentosa RM 7 RM 6 RM 11 RM 12
JB CIQ (Johor Customs) RM 8 RM 7 RM 13 RM 15
JB Sentral RM 9 RM 9 RM 14 RM 17
Kotaraya RM 9 RM 9 RM 15 RM 19
Danga City Mall RM 10 RM 10 RM 17 RM 20
Danga Bay RM 13 RM 15 RM 23 RM 30
City Square RM 19 RM 24 RM 36 RM 49
Jalan Skudai RM 20 RM 26 RM 37 RM 51
Legoland RM 32 RM 44 RM 62 RM 88
Senai Airport RM 35 RM 48 RM 67 RM 96

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